Saturday, July 25, 2009

GS is ugly

As much as I try I just can't grasp GS. GS is not complicated but it frustrates me every so much. The crappy part is that I can't stand the passive nature of the staff. I know that they want to see us all succeed but at times I don't see the passion for the event. There is no energy in the way they critic, "It is looking okay." tends to be the common statement. The problem is that it isn't okay, I have to be beating the men on our ski team in order to be competitive with the Woman's world cup field. I am not there consistently and the staff seem to be in neutral with helping me out. I was skiing the drills awesome, there was little to no spray, shoulders level, movement in the leg, and and aggressive line. Now I am back to skiing like I did last year, stiff legged, tipped in, pinchy, and spray through the whole turn.

I hope that I can get it together by the World Cup Season. Slalom is up next in the camp and I am really ready for it and I don't want to go through the potential pain in my arm. I know that I can get through it with little worry but my thoughts are focused on cycling right now. I am excited about racing and am ready to crush the course. All is to be positive in my head and I am ready for it.

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