Saturday, September 12, 2009

2009 TT Bogogno, Italy

Yesterday was the TT in Bogogno, Italy. It was a great course, corners, hills, false flats, downhill straight away. I had a good go ate it as well. Started the day off way to early, not having packed my bag until that morning. Made the mad dash for breakfast having to wait for 20 or so Asian Tourist. Departed the hotel at 7:15 for a 10:15 start. Greta and I were able to get onto the course to just roll a lap. Once we got back I found out that I was going out first in my class, meaning nobody to chase down. With that mess up I got to have Craig follow me in the car, thanks the lord Jeebus. Start went well, Greta had just passed the start for her second lap and I just went. Shortly after loosing sight of G, Sarah Story passed me and I paced off of her for a bit longer. I was having a good ride, trying not to over do it but not to slack off. I was able to take all of the turns with good speed at that, and then there was the stair step of hills. So the hills consisted of 3 minor climbs with the last two covering 1 kilometer. On the first hill I was doing great then I went to shift down to the little chain ring and my chain fell off to the inside because in my moment of no focus I forgot to shift the rear casset into the middle instead of leaving in the small gear on the inside. oops. That is why I am happy that I had a follow car and was able to get quick help from Chad who was riding shotgun for Craig. After that nothing dramatic happened and I rode like hell. I knew that I was behind at the end of the first lap so with encouragement from Craig over the radio I pedaled like crazy and mad up that time plus some more.
Un-factored I was 1st with a time of 32:30, Paula (New Zealand) 32:49, Barb 32:55.
Factored Barb move up to 32:04 and took the white jersey. Oh well I will make it up next year.
Greta got 2nd, Jenny got 2nd, Karissa & Mackenzie got 1st, Clark & Dave finish in 5th, Amazing, Craig V and Mike went 8th and 9th respectively. Good day for USA!!

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