Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guess I am something

I had a really cool experience today and I am very proud of myself for it. While here in Europe I don't check my email much but try to do it daily. Well today I had a bit of a shocker, my third and never really even been used email account,, had a message waiting for me. I was completely taken aback but initially thought it was a system email from google or something like that. It wasn't though. A person, other then family, actual read my blog and bio. Who knew that I could be found. After responding to the email I figured two things were going for me. One was the fact that the money that I invested into my website and the many hours that my sister and I have spent on it was well worth it. The second thing is that since I now know that people, other then family again, are reading what I have to say, i thought it would be smart to step up my game on the blogging. So here it is, I am going to keep better attention to my website and to both blogs.


I love Italy, even on the muggy days. It is beautiful here and the people are very nice. The scenery is amazing and I am glad to have finally made it here during the summer and see just how green it gets. The company is also awesome. There is a new guy, normally referred to the FNG, but he has out right skipped that position with how nice and professional he is. During camp I was the escape from his roommate and now he stepped up and has been my escape from my roommate. We are staying at a very nice hotel and the staff here are awesome. The seemed to have already forgiven us for the fact that we can not speak Italian and are butchering what every we try to say in Italian, ie Poste Cardo when looking for a postcard.

So far this trip has gone by way to fast with not much getting done. Craig G. has had us riding only once a day, what a concept. I am not sure what to do with myself during the rest of the day. I am definitely getting more and more anxious for the race and I have had to stop myself multiple time from trying to second guess what I should and shouldn't do. Some race tomorrow, Oz, Alejandro, David, and Anthony, while the rest wait until the following day to slay the course.

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Carissa Gump said...

Alli I read your blog all the time, I just never thought to tell you :)

Carissa a.k.a. "Big Gurl"