Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Europe ’10 World Cup

Jan 4th
This is the begining of my European World Cup trip. It is going to be a memorable one for sure. I am currently sitting in First Class on my flight to Chicago where I will connect to Munich. I am going to enjoy this trip and it will be great to see everybody again.
I am proud to say that I was able to check in all four luggage pieces free and the check in lady was very kind and helpful. I feel bad that she had to lift all of that luggage for I did not pack lightly for this trip. With that all set and done it is time to enjoy and relax for this is a long one.

I did manage to get into Business Class for the flight over the pond to Munich. It was very comfortable but the movies were horrable. Only a couple new ones and those were all messed up, audio going out and such. I was dissapointed about the entertainment but the flight was easy. Our flight attendent was awesome. Lots of wine and refreshment thourghout the flight. The steak was par, but what can I complain about when I was eating steak with a metal knife and a full glass in my hand. I was able to sleep a couple of hours at the end of the flight.

Once in Munich the process was pretty simple. We got off the plane, got our passports stamped, grabbed our luggage, and then loaded up the vans. Pretty easy. Luckily all of my luggage made it and seems not to be damaged. Everything seems to have been searched by TSA, with some hap hazard repacking I might add. The drive to Innsbruck was uneventful. I made sure that the radio was answered for Ian, the iPod kept good signal, and made sure that Ian followed the giant white van.

Day one is in the books now I am just trying to keep my eyes open a little bit longer.

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