Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 7th

Today was a good day. I was up early for some reason but didn’t feel so bad with the jet lag. We went up to the mountain and did some training near where the races are going to be. Lets me just say I am glad to be a girl and get to go towards the front of the race for there are 102 racers tomorrow and I am starting the first run 19th. We trained on a course that was fully tracked out by the Austrian’s in the morning. There was too much new snow to set a new course in the limited time that we had on the training hill. The training was a good insight to what we will be racing on tomorrow and how rutted out the firm snow.
After training I went out and made up my own recovery workout patched together from what I have seen back in Colorado Springs. With no real schedule here for recovery I had a good time making stuff up as I went along. After that I basically did nothing, exactly what I needed to do. I have been on the computer most the afternoon, deleting unwanted music, deleting duplicate messages, talking with Jon Graff, the magic man from, and then writing this. I did venture out for a grocery run and dinner, so I am not a complete hermit but pretty close.
The race is tomorrow so I must be going…

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