Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 6th

You ask what happened to the 5th, well that was mostly consumed be traveling on a plane and a van, then unpacking, dinner, a meeting, and reconnecting with the world. I was able to sleep until 5:30am so that went really well. The beds are Euro size, meaning small, two twins right next to each other, and the pillows are actually pillows, not slightly fluffed sacs of nothingness. The hotel that we are staying in is located just outside of Innsbruck. There is a train right across the street to get into town if wanted, planning on that tonight.

Today was a good day. We went skiing at the race hill and it is beautiful up there. I can see the entire valley and beyond from the top of the upper lift. I was able to ski the downhill that was raced on in the 1976 Winter Olympic Games and it is a fast one. I love the snow but not the terrain. I am having fun challenging myself with the slicker snow. I am really grateful that we ran GS on the manmade snow in Winter Park. I didn’t really look for the race hill but I am sure that I managed to ski it, hopefully, if not oh well, I will get there eventually. I did my T-bar riding in today. I did a couple of runs just at the bottom which is nice for I could probably make 15 runs in an hour.

After we got back I went with some team members to the old part of Innsbruck where I found my favorite, probably the only one that I know of, Schnapps and Liquor store. At this store you get to choose the size and shape of the bottle and then which liquor you want. I went with the simple Fire Liquor in a cool little bottle. We then proceeded to have bratwurst from a cart in the middle of the square. The brat was very filling and we headed back to the hotel where I proceeded to have a nap. After some internet surfing while watching live ski jumping, a team meeting, dinner, and a shower I am ready for bed. Tomorrow we are training some GS with the Brits on the lower practice hill.

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