Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan 10th and 11th

Travel day was an easy day. After washing the stink of cigarettes off of me I packed my bags, ate breakfast, loaded up the cargo, watched the first run on the slalom World Cup, got into the van, and drove to Abtenau. Abtenau is just outside of Salzburg, Austria. The drive, which took us the length of Austria, only took us 2 hours. I am so used to driving 2 hours and not be at the ski hill yet. I got checked into the room and then went to lunch with Rob and Danelle where we were joined by Marcel and Stephani. I had a pizza with thinly sliced ham and cheese. After that I unpacked a bit and then took a nap that led to dinner. After dinner we went to the opening ceremonies in the little town square. The ceremony was a good celebration where the local kids did a performance of the Lion King in German, strange but okay.

I finally got a good night sleep and didn’t want to wake up. At least I woke up hungry, which was good since I didn’t eat much at dinner. Abtenau is hurting for snow. There truly is only a ribbon of death that is the race hill. If you were to ski out of the ribbon you would be skiing on the lightly covered pasture. The snow that is there is good snow though, all manmade and completely firm edge-able. I had a good day except for the racing bit. The first run was slow, with mistakes on the little pitch into the flat on both runs, with the second run being a complete stop. My skiing was good on the second run so I am not that disappointed but which I could have had a better day. Ooh well, there is tomorrow. I will indeed go for the win and hopefully a spot on the overall podium but that is an afterthought.

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