Monday, October 27, 2008

Skiing is Such Bliss

I love skiing. I love being able to go out and just rip it. I haven't exactly gone through the summer progression of drills just kinda of jumped back into the swing of things. Yesterday was my first day back on skis since SkiTAM in April. Amazingly enough I feel pretty good considering I am on a new boot and ski. My foot is in pain but I think that it is the combination of not skiing and new boot cause today the pain was about half that it was yesterday.
We are skiing up at Copper and the weather is awesome. I think that I am bringing my bike back up with me on Wednesday cause it is in the upper 60's and beautiful. I got to the gym today and I realized how spoiled I am at the Olympic training center. I mean the gym at Break. Is nice but nothing compared to what is available at the OTC.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The snow has come!!!

I am so excited, I might get to wear my new winter jacket tomorrow because it is snowing in Colorado Springs. YESSSSS! I am so excited!!! I am also getting ready for everything to start up here. I already have a condo in Keystone for a week of early season training in Copper. I can't wait. Found out Jared, our ski god, got my new skis and boot for the season, wahoo. I did a whole bunch today.
Went to the prosthetic shop and am getting a new foot shell to replace the current one that I have, which has two major holes and the heel is about to blow out. I got the access to the condo in Keystone, visited a doctor friend of mine, she gave Greta and I scrips for the new prosthetic stuff, tested out the new USADA online form, started to discuss photo shoots with SKINS, and may have scored some tickets to the Av's game on Friday.
Today was a good day. Yeah. I still haven't finished moving, bummer, but there is tomorrow in the snow :) I am going skiing in a week :) I might to an Av's game :) I get to hook up with friends at the game :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Growing Old

What I don't get about growing old is when to exit. I recently went down to visit my great great aunt. She had lived her life active all of the way. She was still mowing the yard at the age of 84. Unfortunately with all old folks the calcium just doesn't stay where it was supposed to be and she fell over and broke her hip. She was in a nursing home for a while but now she is in the care of her daughter and live in friends. She doesn't walk anymore and care takers don't get her outside all that often. I feel as though she has lived her life and is just waiting for the grace of god to take her.
As a society what do we do? Do we end the suffering or do we try to make her rehab against the odds of rehabilitation? I think that we should look at what is left for her to accomplish in life. Her husband has already passed away. There is nothing that she needs to get done, her daughter is grown, her grandson is grown. I think that I have gotten to the point that I know that her next big act is her exit and I see nothing wrong in that. I hope that she does not suffer and goes to God peacefully. I don't expect her to live forever and I hope that others can share my opinion in this.
I just hope that I am treated the same way for I don't want to linger when I have done all that I can do. I what to exit and go on it what ever is to come. I don't what to suffer and I don't want to plead, just everybody understand that it all comes to an end and everybody must face it so except it.

Colorado Springs Chill'n

I suck at this blog thing. I never get on and write but I also think about what I should tell the world. I am doing great. I did nothing for a month and now I am in full gear getting ready for the ski season. I got to move from the barracks to the nicer resident living quarters on complex, so that was exciting. I have been enjoy good and shitty weather, typical for fall in Colorado. So what have I done since my return to the United States. Well I chilled for a couple of days and didn't even try to re-adjust my sleeping hours, I just went to bed at 8pm and up at 4am. I got a lot of shit done in the mornings, and my boyfriend slept through it all. I then went to Dallas, Texas, to visit some relatives and then I did the White House Visit with all of the Olympians and Paralympians, no Micheal Phelps was not there, neither was the Basketball team.
I then cam home and vacation was done, straight to the gym. I also managed to break my socket of my leg and was required to use crutches, uugh. My body hated it, not only was I lifting for the first time in months was also trying to move rooms and that was not cool. My body was in complete rejection. I then got my leg back and to my surprise it was "marble" blue with sparkles. If you know me I don't do sparkles. Apparently they ran out of black fabric material and the owner really thinks blue looks good.
I then got a mountain bike to use for the time being at least until the snow doesn't allow it any more. I have had a blast this weekend. I feel over a couple of times but if you know me I laughed first and then got up and got back onto the bike. I had fun, lots of it. Oh yeah, the bike that I am using is a full suspension carbon Specialized that one of the national team members used last year. I made sure that I put padding on the top tube so that my right leg didn't destroy the carbon, and I have used it very much so. Lindsey Bishop took out for a joy ride yesterday and I was a little giddy school girl. I like mountain biking, it is fun. I might actually have to invest into a bike for my self.