Sunday, October 11, 2009

Winter Has Come to Colorado

Winter has come and I am not ready for it. First of all I am not in what I would call skiing shape. Most tell me that I have set to high of expectations but I want to be the best is so the higher the standard the better I will be. Second I don't want to pull my ski clothes out of storage just yet. I want to wait but for tonight and tomorrow's Rockies games I am busting out the largest down jacket that I own, gloves as well.
Last night and today I spent almost 20min just de-icing my car. That is just wrong for this time of year. I was mountain biking last year and now I am reduced to rollers in the hot box. So not cool. Ooh well, winter is here and I must face it. All that really changes is that instead of riding my bike to sports med and the gym, I get to negotiate a couple of iced over stairs and handrails and the slippery path. I get to ride my road bike on the rollers instead of borrowing a mountain bike to cruise the front range. So now I must face the reality that winter has come, it may disappear for awhile but it will return.