Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mt Hood

So a lot has happened since I last posted to this blog. I went to Korea and Whistler with the ski team and Manchester, England with cycling. Cycling has been awesome this year with some new PR's in England which was amazing considering it was May and I had only truly been riding for six weeks. I enjoy the bike so much that I look forward to hard workouts. You can see the results even though you feel exhausted at the end of the day. Training has hit an all time high even though I ride the same roads over and over, there is something there that makes the repetitive rides enjoyable. After Whistler I hope to find the same feeling on the skis. Bliss is such a great feeling I want to experience as much as possible and in any way that I could.

Hood is has been amazing. This is a camp that has had an impact with the whole team. Everybody is make huge leaps and bounds with their own ski technique and working together as a team. The staff is also amazing this camp, there has been no wasted time with redundant drills, which are sometimes necessary. We are being treated like adults and the respect is a major two highway, where athletes are respecting staff, staff are respecting athletes, and athletes are respecting athletes. There are no true rookies here yet so we are not a full compliment in the house but we are a great group of veterens.

Training for me has been awesome. I am back in the stiff boot and I feel great. Things are finally going forward and I am not struggling against an unknown force. I am a bit excited that we are not doing Super-Combined, slalom is awesome but it takes a higher toll on my body and now I will have a better chance of being ready for Nationals in LA, ooh yeah forgot to mention that I leave for LA in a couple of days. Scary...