Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Begining of Another Season

It is fall once again and I have finished one sport and focused on the other sport. The track team went on to bring home 11 medals from the Para-Cycling Track World Championships in Manchester, England. I did not join them, I was in the gym getting ready for the up coming Winter Paralympics in Vancouver, CA. I really haven't done anything all that exciting...

I got to go to San Antonio for a Military Paralympic Camp at Fort Sam Houston. I got to teach disabled soldiers how to ride bikes. I also got to hang out with my Aunt and Uncle in San Antonio. After San Antonio I went to Reno, NV to watch my dad fly his little fast plane around in circles fifty feet off the ground. That is an amazing thing to watch and to see in person. They fly feet apart at 200+ miles per hour. Every time I watched my dad race I had goose bumps. I thought skiing at 60 miles per hour was frightening but there is no way I would every fly that plane. After my dad was done planning evil ken evil we drove down to Las Vegas and went to Interbike. I had a blast there, though I couldn't walk afterward. I am looking forward to going back again next year to represent. After a long drive home with the most annoying dog ever, Abbey, I was home a blissful two days and then I was off to Boston for a Ski Ball. I had a great day there, got to catch up with Keith for a awesome meal in China Town.

I went home for a little while and then hit the road for one more trip, Utah!! My favorite state in the country, where even the Dairy Queen closes at 8:30, lame. I was there for the National Park and Recreation Congress. I then got to go to Palo Alto, CA for another Ski Team function. After a wonderful trip to California I went home.

Well today was the first of what will be many days of training for this season. Nothing to spectacular just some free skiing on the twin tips at A-Basin. The was awesome good snow, not a lot of people, and beautiful weather. I am staying up here in Keystone for the next couple of nights. My new skis have been mounted and I get to go play on the slaloms and Ian is going to break in my Super-Gs for me.

Until next time cause I need to go and update my USADA location form.