Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The 3km Pursuit

The 3km pursuit is by far my least favorite event, but I always seem to do okay. The morning started off really early with a 6am wake, yes I know in the real world that is not that early but when you are used to getting up at 7-7:30, 6am seem early. A quick survey of all of the gear to make sure that I have everything I needed. I some how managed to leave my keys at the laundry drop-off so I had to run and grab those. I then got onto the bus with all of the other early morning riders and there were a lot of bikes on this particular bus so once I was in, I was stuck. Get to the track, very slowly today, and I ran off after getting my road bike down to the infield to get my traditional panoramas of the velodrome.

I then realized that they were putting me on all Mavic wheel, big deal in cycling. Because of the new wheels I had to get used to how the front wheel moved so I did an early warm-up on the track, on race gear. I was feeling awesome. I followed a CP4 from South Africa for a while and then she started to scare me with her bike handling skills so I backed off of her and did my own thing. After a while I had a little gaggle behind me and I didn't feel like sharing my draft so a did a little sneaky move by getting off of the track and acting like I was done, let the group go around me and then I jumped back on. No international crisis occurred so I was satisfied. Finished my warm-up and got off of the track and started a semi cool down because I still had an hour before my ride. I stretched and got some carbs into my system and then started to get my leg ready for the race. I went after barb again but I got to go against a rider that is more my ability but still has 2 legs.

Thanks god for the toe strap. I got up to the start, Craig the gentleman walked me up all the way to my bike. I get all strapped in and ready to go. I wasn't paying to much attention because next thing I know there is 11seconds on the clock. I gear up for the start and off I go. On the second down stroke I pulled up on my stump came out of the pedal but thank the gods for the strap for all I had to do was step down and I was still attached to my pedal. I would have hated to have had to make me and the New Zealand girl have to restart. I also had a really good start and I didn't want to try for another one. I had a good starting split which set me up for fast splits from there on out. Eventually I knew that I was going to be passed and I was ready for it. The pass just came a lot later then I am used to and then to my amazement I was able to pace off of her, not draft but pace. I fell about 20 meters back and then mustered up the strength and drive to match her pace. Unfortunately this happened with only 4 laps to go and she was going to finish right in front of me. Usually people get out the way right away but her brain shutdown and she didn't move. I gave a quick yell and she still didn't move, then I gave another one and she got the hint and got out of the way. If she hadn't moved on the second yell I was going to have to go up and around her which isn't fast that late in the race.

Barb ended up winning the race because of the factor but she did get a new world record for the CP3 category. This race was the closest that I have ever been at any competition. Jenny advanced to the gold medal round and finished 2nd and Greta was 5th only a few seconds out of the medal rounds. I packed up my track bike and then I then headed back to the village where I talked to my madre and boy back home. I can't wait to get back to everything in the States but at the same time I am glad that I am not dealing with all of the politics that is completely taken over all television, radio, and newspaper.

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