Monday, September 1, 2008


I am completely overloaded. There is so much exciting things to see and do here I am unable to take it all in. The TT course to freaking sweet. I can't wait to race it. The "Hill" is nothing that I haven't been able to ride before. At an easy pace I think that I could have gone up it no problem. I got to ride it twice today and I am already trying to figure out where I can take more time out of the competition and where I am going to be able to beat my teammate. The drive out there at "Star"'s pace sucked but could easily be reduced to about 30mins at my pace. There is a special lane for the Paralympics and we were being passed by all of the other traffic, pathetic. I tested out wearing my water bottle cage on the back side of my socket, the only available space I have with no more room on the frame. It worked out pretty well, I must say but if the weather is what it was like today I won't need a water bottle at all. The road alway has shelter from the wind except for one section and that is it.

After lunch we went to the track and this is where the overloading really kicked in. First I forgot my newly painted stomp cup, Greta thankfully ran back for me and grabbed it. Once I was at the track I realized that I left all of my gears at the room, and there was no chainring on my bike, oops. Again Greta came to my rescue and had one that I could borrow. After that I pretty much was on top of things. I had a good and quick first session. I can't wait to get the track racing done and over with and get onto the road TT.

Once we were back at the village I got busy. After cleaning up I got my clothes over to the laundry facilities, cut the another leg off of my Skins, got a water pot for the morning coffee (came with a converter so now I can also use the grinder), and then watched the video of my teammates acting like baffoons on the bus over to the track. Dinner was good as usual. I must say I haven't eaten this well at a Paralympics since my first one in Salt Lake City.

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