Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The 500m

I love to race, I truly do. I have this ability to get my self all worried about it and then I am there and there is not a single thing I can put into my mind to get me off my high horse. I had a good day all around. I woke up in an otay mood after an emotional train wreck the night before, no need to rain on today’s parade. I was very excited about the race and just wanted to get there and get it done. I knew going into it I wasn’t going to win but I wanted to turn some heads doing it. I always seem to get on the bike premature. I only need a quick warm up but I get excited and get on the bike 2hr before need be. At least today my leg actually felt like it wanted to work, where as yesterday I couldn’t get it to warm up worth shit where I finally gave up and just did my efforts. Back to today.

I got to watch all of my teammates go first. Good for me in ski racing bad for me on the track. I don’t want to see times or to see what is going on, impossible at the track where you have no choice. I watched Jenny win by a land slide in the mixed LC1/LC2/CP4 class. Greta had an okay ride but nothing spectacular. The factor really makes a difference. Barb rode before I did and she was the first CP3 so I got to see how badly her times were going to adjust before I went. I was ready and psyched to go. The weird thing that I am not used to but should start practicing is letting somebody else take my bike to the line without me and then I have to hope to get to it, or I just need to start carrying crutches, but that is a drag. Everything from here on out went by very quickly. I got all strapped in, got set, 15sec started to count down, Craig called out 5 to go, and then I was off. The only thing that I remember is that my rear wheel was wiggly and I could stay on the black line. Other then that I knew that I was going faster then I had ever gone before. At the end of the race I was so happy I rode the back straight where all of the fans were with my hands and head held up high. I went half a second faster then I had ever gone.

The next highlight of my day was riding back on the bus with the Irish boy, Enda and Gus. They could start their own comedy skit and become the world’s most famous comedians. It is hilarious. I official was invited to O’Shea’s, the only Irish pub in Beijing on the evening of the 13th, when their races are done for a pint of beer. I can’t wait. I am going to be pissing my pants from the laughter not the beer.

The rest of the day went without much, ate, meeting, slept.

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