Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sept 6th Journal

The rest of the team has arrived, well they arrived days ago, oops. It is nice to finally have everybody here but it was also nice when it was just the girls, Mike, and Anthony. Pepe was voted team Captain by the majority of the team. I am getting to know Eric, the new sougier(sp). Really cool guy, hard worker, and a good sense of humor. Michelle has been a god sent. I usually have major conflicts with asking for help but she gets it. I feel comfortable at a race finally. I am not the same attention needing person I used to be. I can handle my own problems now , I do not need someone to hold my hand anymore. I have com to respect my ability and my drive. I know I can do it, I don't need somebody to point it out. I have the power.
To night we walked into a three ring circus filled with gimps, amps, and blind. There will be awesome people watching capability. For one night I have no competition, just a gathering of gimpies joined to celebrate an event where we are the stars of the show.
I will get to walk amongst friends. I will be apart of a whole. We represent the elite of the elite and there is going to be thousands there to applaud us for accomplishing where we have gotten.

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