Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Don't bottle the Anger. I am trying to learn this. I am also trying not to let anger guide my emotions or dictate my action. I am going to know that shit is about to hit the fan. I know that people are going to get on my nerves and I know that I am not going to agree with everybody's decisions. I am better then them and I can get through this without going psycho and agro with my teammates. I can only control what is with in my abilities and every thing that I can not control that I get angry at is a waste of time. I like this train of thought for it might keep me sane through these games.

We had a very good day today. I did a decent time on the track for a standing 1 lap and tomorrow is a full on race effort but only 375m and not the whole thing. Craig keeps asking me what I would like to do and then I tell him and then he goes and suggests that maybe I should do something else and then still gives me an option so then I ask him what he thinks I should do and then he tells me what to do. It is a round about way of getting a task designed but it seems to work with Craig without being mister nasty pants. I laugh at it every time.

I think things are going really well. I got the afternoon off and I made good use of it. I watch an episode of Dexter: the second season, with Greta, had a good chat with Sean, and then had team dinner and meeting. I think I enjoyed myself well. I am looking forward to riding tomorrow with race intensity. I am sure that it will work out well and I am sure that I won't get pissed off at anybody. I think it will be a good race simulation and I am ready for it.

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