Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sept 3rd Journal

Yesterday was interesting. My laundry bag was lost and then once I got it I found out it was ripped and one of my jerseys was stained beyond belief. Luckily I don't need it to race in. We had a bit of down time but I really didn't have time to lay down in. I called Mom, Sis, and Justin and had a good chat with them. We went to the track in the morning/noon time. The sun rises really early here so the day is kinda funky. China doesn't do time zones so it's like being in New York with Colorado's time. I keep forgetting to bring my camera on the bus rides to and from the venues.

The bus ride to the Velodrome. First we get our own lane. Which is pretty cool for getting through traffic. The bus drivers must believe though that they may only drive in the lane because they make a mad dash over to the lane and then a mad dash out of the lane to the exit. No sense of readiness, it is an "oh shit, there is the exit and I don't want to miss it." Part of the drive is along this canal. There are fisherman with ginormous fishing rods squatting on the embankment getting the morning catch. There are tons of apartments along the journey. I know China has 1/6th the worlds population but they make NY housing look small and pathetic.

There are also more historical housing and complexes along the way, mostly settled on top of a hill so all below can see their might and beauty. They are truly amazing. These little shrines and small empires on their hill top over looking the world below them. I wonder what it was like in the centuries past how they dominated their surroundings. China has such history and awe there is no way to take it all in with the little time that I am here.

The Vegetation here is amazing as well. Thick lush bushes and willows that swallow the landscape. It is mice compared to the big cities back home where all you see is concrete boulevards and houses as far as the eye can see. Here urban meets jungle in a harmonious fashion. Yeah there is concrete but there is also green and not just green. Flowers, ponds, and rustic trees supported in every environment. I wish the States could grasp the idea that fake plants do not brighten the office, but it shows just how lazy we truly are.

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